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                                                               Tone City Golden Plexi TC-T7

If you are a fan of British rock amp tones you know exactly what this pedals name is referring to. The Golden Plexi by Tone City is your classic rock amp sound turned up to eleven with a plexi like sound lifted from some legendary gold fronted amplifiers. There is something in this pedal for everyone as it can transform your amp into any era of plexi joy.

Simple Controls, Deep Sounds

While there are only three controls on this small pedal that is all you need to get fantastic blues, rock and metal tones in the classic plexi style. The volume control acts as you would normally expect while the tone and gain controls do have a wider range than you would expect delivering everything from a sweet crunch to crushing high gain. The sensitivity in the tone control means that you can dial this pedal into the clean channel of nearly amplifier and get the classic sound you are after.

Small and Portable

All Tone City pedals are built into a micro pedal format which not only helps keep your pedalboards size down but it also keeps your wallet full thanks to their amazingly low price. But don’t worry you don’t lose any quality when going down to this small size. All of the controls are all still high quality components and they all have true bypass switching to make sure your signal stays as clean as possible.