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Tone City have recently launched a whole bunch of new pedals based on some of the worlds best loved amplifiers. The Model S is one of those pedals. With its hot rodded British backing and almost American like tone even though Tone City won’t tell us we are sure this is some kind of Soldano like pedal.

Classic 80’s Tone

Back in the 1980’s you had two choices of amplifier. Either you got yourself a big British stack amp and hoped it would have enough gain or you tracked down one of the many American style amps with their over the top gain and saturation. That was until one particular builder came along and modded classic British amps to have that American saturation. The response was incredible and these amplifiers became some of the most popular in the rock and metal world, they are still highly sought after even today.

So to say this pedal has a lot to live up to would be a bit of an understatement. It handles this perfectly though meeting that perfect blend of British heritage and American output where the midrange is up front and low end is tight but at insanely high output levels.

Crunch Or High Gain

Because of the amp this is designed after the Model S had to have two different modes. A crunch mode that actually has quite a lot of output to it. It may not fit in to the world of modern metal where you need as much gain as possible but for those high gain hard rock styles this is where you want to be.

Flip over to the high gain channel and all hell breaks loose as you get to experience just how much gain is in this one pedal. This is perfect for the player that wants a modern high gain sound that can fit around your amplifier. Want even more gain? Chuck on the boost control to take this pedal up another notch.