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Tone City have recently launched a new range of amp like overdrive and distortion pedals that are all based on iconic amplifiers. And while they won’t say what the Model B is based on we have a strong feeling that B stands for Boogie as this pedal has an incredibly powerful US style distortion that fits in line with a particular treadplate covered amplifier.

Vintage Or Modern

A lot of the new pedals from Tone City are dual mode so you can easily switch between two different iconic voicings that these amplifiers are known for. In Vintage mode the Model B hasĀ a tasty crispy crunch to it that starts to reach a nice high gain saturation that you would have heard in the 80’s and 90’s.

Put it in Modern mode and the mids start to scoop a bit more and the lows really start to pop out like they do on the real thing. In this mode you can recreate some of the most loved metal tones in the world that groove rockers and power chord chuggers have used album after album. And when you are ready for your solo chuck on the boost switch for incredible lead tones.

3 Band EQ

While some pedals in this range rely on just a single tone knob the Model B instead uses a powerful 3 band EQ that really lets you take control of your tone. This is extremely important if you want to switch between both the vintage and modern modes as the EQ curves is quite different for each. Also if you want to take advantage of the tight low end for extended range guitars you will need to tweak to get it to suit your amplifier of choice.